Friday, January 2, 2009

Who started the Hamas-Israel war in Gaza?

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Who started the war in the Gaza Strip? A ceasefire was arranged by Egypt between Hamas and Israel in June 2008. On Nov. 4, 2008, Israel ground forces attacked Palestinians and destroyed tunnels they claimed were being used to prepare for the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier. (No proof, just their press releases, of course.) Nov. 5, Hamas responds and attacks the Israeli outpost where the Israeli assault started. Israel responds with air assault. Israel air assaults continue through Dec. 19 killing 20 Palestinians in t he period. Hamas declares cease-fire, that they had hoped to renew, ended. Dec. 27, 2008, Israel launches massive air strikes against civilian centers in the Gaza Strip killing 390 by this writing, mostly civilians.

Who broke the cease fire and started this conflict?

-- Ray Hanania

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Archana said...

Let me ask some questions that are being ignored. When the cease fire was announced, who made walls around Gaza? Who stopped basic supplies from coming into Gaza? Who stopped the water supply, and who turned off the electricity? Who bombed the tunnel on Nov, 4, the air strikes thereafter? Who denounced a democratically elected group from the first day?…..there was a fake cease fire to begin with. If Israel wants peace why did it do all these things, and why did they not accept the cease fire Hamas offered before this invasion began? I wonder also about the timing of this move which is just before the elections in Israel, and in a time of transition of Presidents here in the US. Since there was no real cease fire on both sides, this seems very calculated. After this invasion is over, and assuming Israel comes out with a clear victory in a few days, what diplomatic solution will they have that they would not have had before this invasion? Then, after all the civilians have died, there was be less anger, less rage? In who's wisdom was it do to this invasion?

Omar Baloch