Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Budget Shell Game in Orland Park -- the tax rebate is "intact"

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July 30, 2008
Village of Orland Park says that it did not cut ANY services in bridging a $4.8 million budget shortfall -- right! -- and the media and village say that the Property Tax Rebate in the village is "intact" -- but it is changed dramatically and residents are being cheated out of 40 percent of the rebate ... which will be cut from $200 to $133. Most residents received more than $200 and that means you will get even more taken back by the village, which is a backdoor property tax increase.

You can't claim they saved you money and cut taxes by rebating, and then claim it's not an increase when they trim back the rebate. Too bad the local media doesn't open it's eyes more and see the truth of the shell game McLaughlin and the Village Board are playing. But residents all over Orland Park DO see the shell game and are upset about it.

Mayor McLaughlin, Trustees Kathy Fenton, Jim Dodge, Brad O'Halloran, Bernard Murphy, Pat Gira, Ed Schussler.
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